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Acupuncture CEUs Requirements by board and state are listed below for your reference. NCCAOM PDA courses can be taken for most states such as Texas, Oregon, Washington and many others. For California or Florida, you will find your state requirements on this page. Feel free to click around and find out what acupuncture CEUs you need to be up to date. Also keep in mind, most states accept NCCAOM requirements for continuing education.

NCCAOM Recertification Requirements:

Provider # 1208

NCCAOM courses can be taken for most states such as CTCMA of British Columbia (Canada), Texas, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, and many others. Please note specific state CEU requirement may differ in terms of the amount of credits needed and the length of the renewal period compared to NCCAOM requirements. 

60 PDA points or Acupuncture CEUs are required in a four year recertification cycle. Acupuncture CEU or PDA points may not be submitted twice during a recertification cycle nor may they be carried over from one cycle to another. 

Core Competency PDA points are given for active learning that is conducted in a classroom or online in specific areas.  All 60 points may be earned in the Core Competency section.

**These credits may also be used for the CTCMA of British Columbia (Canada) – a maximum of 16 Hours per reporting period may be obtained through distance learning courses or webinars.

60 Acupuncture CEUs or PDA every 4 years:

26 PDA minimum up to 56 of AOM & Biomedicine.
2 PDA of Safety
2 PDA of Ethics

CPR Course in addition to the above 60 credits every 4 years.

California Acupuncture Recertification Requirements:

Provider # 1304

50 CEUs needed every 2 years before the last day of your birthday month.

25 Acupuncture CEUs may be completed through distance learning or online courses.  Only 5 CEUs may be obtained in Category 2, which is defined below.  The other half of Acupuncture CEUs (25), or all of them, may be obtained in person or through a live webinar.

To renew your California license, a fee of $325 must be submitted with the renewal notice every 2 years in order to maintain your license.  Licensees practicing with a license that is expired are subject to disciplinary action and an extra fee.

Category 1 Courses:  “Courses related to clinical matters or the actual provision of health care to patients.” Subjects include Acupuncture/TCM, western bio-medicine, nutrition, etc.  Please view the California course criteria page for more information

Category 2 Courses:  Non-patient related subjects such as business, law, practice management, etc.

Here is the break down of the 50 Credits:

  • 25 credits Distance Learning (ex. Online Reading Material).
  • 25 Credits Have to be Live (ex. Class face to face interaction, or Live Webinar).
  • 5 credits out of the 50 could be business or practice management courses (Category 2).

Florida Acupuncture Recertification Requirements

Current licenses will expire on February 18, 2020, at 12 PM Midnight, Eastern Time.  Please note credit hours are not retroactive or cumulative.  All credit hours must be earned within the biennium for which they are claimed.

30 CEUs needed every two years before February 28, 2018.  
Here is the breakdown of the 30 Credits:
21 General Hours
5  Bio-Medicine
2 Medical Errors
2 Laws & Rules

Licensees renewing for the first time are REQUIRED to complete 2 Hours of Medical Errors and 3 Hours of HIV/AIDS.

We report all your credits to CE Broker!
Take a look at all of our Acupuncture CEUs approved by the Florida Board by viewing our CE Broker Provider home page. 

Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) Recertification

*Renew your registration on November 30 of each year. 

CMBA Practitioners are required to obtain 20 Hours of CPD per year:
– 4 Hours of CPD in professional and regulatory issues
– 2 Hours of CPD in scheduled herbs for practitioners holding a scheduled herbs endorsement.

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How does it work?

Getting started is simple.  In 5 easy steps, you are on your way with your certificate of completion!
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What kind of format are ACE Acupuncture Continuing Education Courses?

All of the courses we offer are distance learning reading material, followed by a quiz you will need to complete to receive your certificate.  Once you pass the quiz, the certificate will be immediately accessible to you in your ACE Account.  There are also LIVE CEU Webinars you can take to receive acupuncture CEUs/PDAs.  The live webinars are both California and NCCAOM Board approved.

Where do I click to browse your CEU / PDA courses?

Get started by clicking here → Acupuncture CEU Courses Online , or scrolling up on this page, where you will find a list of boards/states to choose from along with their associated acupuncture CEU requirements.

When do I receive my certificate?

Your certificate should be available to you immediately after you have completed and passed the quiz.  You will have 3 attempts to complete the quiz.  After your first attempt, you will be able to view your answers to see if there were any marked incorrect.
Once you pass the quiz, click the Get My Certificate button to view your certificate and print a copy for your records.  You can also save a copy of the certificate to your computer as an image or PDF file.  We recommend that you immediately print out two copies of your course completion certificates, one to keep for your records, and the other for your respective licensing board.  If you have any technical issues with accessing a certificate for a course you completed, please call or email us so we can assist you.
(401) 830-CEUS
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I have questions about my acupuncture continuing education requirements, where do I go to get them answered?
If you have any questions at all about your acupuncture CEUs/PDAs, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to find an answer to your question, or point you in the right direction.  If you have specific questions regarding the current status of your license or regarding a lapsed license, we recommend contacting your state licensing board or organization directly.

Do you submit my certificates to NCCAOM/ the State Board?

We do not submit any certificates on behalf of the licensed acupuncturists to the NCCAOM or the State Board.  However if you need CEUs for Florida, we will report the CEU credits you have completed directly to CE Broker.

Do I have to read all the material in one shot?

If you cannot finish reading the material, no problem!  Simply close out of material and sign out of your account.  When you sign back in to your account later on, your material will still be available for you to finish reading where you left off.

What are your provider numbers?

NCCAOM 1208.  California Board 1304.  Florida Board 50-19152.

What is your Refund Policy?

Course content is instantly available to the Course Participant after purchase, so therefore course fees are non-refundable.  If you intended to purchase a specific course and there was a mistake in your order, please let us know and we will exchange the course for you.
No refunds will be granted after certificates of course completion have been given to the course participant.